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About Doctor-premium:
  • Who use Doctor-premium?
    Healthcare practitioners worldwide.
  • Why use Doctor-premium?
    Secure, Reliable and Trusted.

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For whom?

DOCTOR-PREMIUM It's particularly popular with Osteopaths, Dantists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Naturopaths and Massage Therapists.

Access from anywhere on any device

Doctro-premium works right from the browser on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC, so there is no app to install or syncing required.

Simple management of accounts

Simple management of clients accounts.

The easiest way to manage your appointments

It's never been simpler to manage your schedule.


We are free and we have good functionality: .

Convenient and secure treatment notes

With Doctor-premium you can access your treatment notes from anywhere without jeopardising security. All treatment notes are stored securely to help you meet your legal requirements.

Add patient information

History, information about health etc...

Accounting for medical service payment

Registration payment, patient balance management.

Invoice and receipt payments quickly.

Handling payments with Doctor-premium is fast and flexible. Create an invoice straight from the appointment, add any products and collect the payment. Easily override prices on each invoice for complete flexibility..

Patient medical history

The Patients Ability in Doctor-premium is an information hub that displays all of the demographic, insurance, clinical and ledger data in a user friendly format. You can also create Treatment Plans and break them into phases quickly and easily. All of the information and function you need right at your fingertips.

Personal web site

We give you personal office


DOCTOR-PREMIUM – Like by more than 10,000 healthcare practitioners DOCTOR-PREMIUM is the best way to manage and grow your business.


  1. Save patient informations
    Full name, date of birth, Tel., E Mail., Address.
  2. Save medical data:
  3. Anamnesis. Allergy status. Immune status..
  4. You will have personal website.
  5. Saving history:
    Date of visit. Additional data. These X-ray data, laboratory data. Clinical diagnosis. The performed treatment. Assigning a doctor. The cost of services.
  6. Search on the database of patients:
    By name, phone, the gender, to the age, time and date of the visit. According debts, and search on vip status.
  7. The program will remind you::
    Visit patients, task for doctor.
  8. Program works on these devices:
    Android. Windows phone. Apple. Notebooks. Desktop Computers. Tablets. Where there is an Internet.
  9. New Schedule:
    Add patient visit. Record contact details: name, phone, date of visit, time. Add an event: event name (example: buy bandage), time of event
  10. Create email sending to patient
    Email Address. Time and date of mailing
  11. Objectives:
    Creating a task. A reminder of a scheduled task.

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